IJKGB2014: Ana Tijoux– “River Below”

Faithful followers will know that this is not Ana Tijoux’s first appearance on my IJKGB lists: her track 1977 appeared on IJKGB2010. Tijoux was born in France to Chilean parents in exile from the Pinochet dictatorship. She is, as we saw in 1977, an amazing rapper, but this song also pairs that with a lush orchestral arrangment and choral backup.

Slate has an exclusive audio track of the song via SoundCloud. Read about it here and then scroll down to listen. The Slate articles also includes the lyrics translated into English, but scroll all the way to the bottom and read their correction first: if you understand the song to be titled “Downstream” in English, read the rest of it as a poem about the downstream consequences of social and environmental injustices. Deep.

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IJKGB2014: Bernhoft– “Come Around”

Making these blog posts each year is one of my great joys. Usually, because I only listen to the songs in audio form–often for many months. I’ve been surprised by the race, hairstyle, or dress of artists before, and even sometimes gender. But usually, it’s just a sheer joy to discover the music videos of songs that I love so much. This is no exception:

A couple of weeks ago, while I was finalizing this playlist, I was playing some draft versions of it in the car for Sam. This song came on and he said, “That’s not from your 2014 playlist, is it?” The song sounds so classically of the 1980′s that it’s hard to conceptualize it as contemporary. The Norwegian-born Bernhoft has an amazing voice, and this song has really tightly stylized instrumentals.

For comparison, check out this live performance of the song with only an acoustic guitar. I prefer the full version, but it’s great to hear his voice shine in both contexts:


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IJKGB2014: Jenny Lewis– “She’s Not Me”

Man, this album is great. There were three or four songs that I could have picked here, so this one might be somewhat random, but her vocals are amazing, and the plot twist of the second verse is lyrically smart. Lewis reminds me of Susanna Hoffs, what with her poppy rock guitar, whip-smart songwriting, and sweet/strong vocals.

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IJKGB2014: St. Vincent– “Birth In Reverse”

St. Vincent has released a few albums before this one, an I’ve heard some of her previous singles, but none of them have the same rocking earworm nature of this one. This song also wins for best opening line of the year.

Warning: when I watch the video, I see a preview for a horror movie first. I hate that, so I’m warning you so that you can be ready switch to another tab quickly to miss that 30 seconds.

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IJKGB2014: Lake Street Dive– “Bad Self Portraits”

I present here a live performance of this song, which has apparently been around since at least 2012, although the album that includes it (and is also named Bad Self Portraits) was released in 2014. I love their easy, rock/country style. The vocals remind me a Bonnie Raitt. And the lyrics are very funny when you listen closely.

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IJKGB2014: Jolie Holland– “Waiting For The Sun”

Sam and I have been big Jolie Holland fans since her 2004 album Escondida. We loved that so much that we went back and explored her stuff when she was a part of The Be Good Tanyas, an exploration that paid off. In particular, if you’re not familiar with the Be Good Tanyas, check out their cover of When Doves Cry. It’s so great that I think Prince must even listen to it.

As you can tell, I was already predisposed to watch anything new from Houston-born Holland. Her voice is unique and just a little bit jarring. This song marries that with some bluesy, discordant, brassy, jazz to great effect.

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IJKGB2014: Chronixx–”Here Comes Trouble”

Chronixx creates such a rocking, rollicking anthem that I totally want to sign up as a soldier as a rasta youth in Selassie’s army. I dare you to not bop your head just a little bit. Keep hittin’ em, Chronixx.

In case you have an understandably hard time deciphering these lyrics, this seems like a good time to plug one of my favorite websites, Lyric Genius.

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